Habitat Management

The SMSC's lands provide a diverse environment of prairies, forests, water and wetlands. The Land and Natural Resources Department works to preserve and protect these resources through ongoing environmental conservation practices including studies, monitoring, and other proactive efforts that ensure a healthy habitat for plants, fish and wildlife.

Wetlands, Forests & Prairies, Wildlife

The SMSC has made careful efforts to map out the wetlands, forests and prairies that exist within our boundaries, and to provide for and keep track of a variety of existing wildlife. Learn more about the SMSC’s habitat management projects including prescribed burns, nesting bird boxes, our faunal atlas project, and more.

Forest Management Plan

By removing invasive species such as common buckthorn, non-native honeysuckle, and garlic mustard, we are working to preserve the forest habitat. Learn more about the SMSC's forest management plan:

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Notable Projects

Learn more about our habitat management projects geared toward conservation, sustainability and responsible stewardship.

Supervisor of Environmental Sciences

Ferin Davis Anderson