Tribal Government

Tribal Government

Our Government

The SMSC is a federally recognized, sovereign Native American tribal government. As a Community, the SMSC works to preserve Dakota cultural values through philanthropy, partnerships, environmental initiatives, and cultural programming.

As a sovereign nation, our government maintains authority over our membership, lands, and government affairs. The SMSC government is responsible for providing for the well-being of Community Members with infrastructure such as roads, sewers, housing, and more. The SMSC is governed by the General Council and the Business Council.

General Council

The highest governing body of the SMSC is the General Council, which consists of all enrolled members of the tribe aged 18 and older. The General Council meets bi-monthly to discuss important issues, make decisions, and set policies. General Council members are also tasked with electing representatives to the Business Council, Gaming Commission, and Gaming Board of Directors.

Business Council

Every four years, the General Council elects three members to the Business Council: the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer. Business Council members are responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the tribe and for implementing the decisions of the General Council. The Business Council is charged with promoting the health, education, and welfare of SMSC Members and their families now and for generations to come. They also make decisions that shape the SMSC's role as a leading employer, Native American nation, and member of the greater community. Every four years the Business Council publishes a report describing the activities of the last four years. View the reports in our Resources section.

Current members of the SMSC Business Council are: Chairman Cole W. Miller, Vice-Chairwoman Natasha K. Hacker, and Secretary/Treasurer Ashley J. Cornforth.

Gaming Enterprise Board of Directors

The SMSC Gaming Enterprise Board of Directors is responsible for setting policy and overseeing daily operations of Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Little Six Casino. This seven-member board includes six elected directors and one member of the SMSC Business Council.

Current members of the Gaming Enterprise Board of Directors are: Chairman Todd Brooks, Vice-Chairman Robert Totenhagen, Secretary Deborah Sax, Treasurer Melinda Stade, and Directors Ausin Vig and Peter Brewer.

Gaming Commission

Five elected SMSC Members make up the Gaming Commission: a commissioner of gaming, an assistant commissioner of gaming, and three general members. They each serve staggered four-year terms. Gaming commissioners ensure that SMSC gaming operations are conducted fairly, honestly, and in compliance with applicable laws. The Gaming Commission licenses the SMSC's gaming facilities, gaming devices, employees, and vendors. It also oversees contracts, records, and internal controls.

Current members of the SMSC Gaming Commission are: Commissioner of Gaming Cherie L. Crooks, Assistant Commissioner of Gaming Eric W. Kaiser, and Commissioners Elyssa N. Blaess, Peter L. Brewer, and Tony Muellenberg.

2016-2019 Four-Year Report

Taku ota Waṡte (Many Good Things)

The 2016-2019 Four-Year Report details the values, accomplishments, and people of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community.

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